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Sponsorship levels:

*STEM Inspiration Organization is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contributions to the S.I.O. are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.




  • Exclusive sponsor: only business from your category.

  • Company’s logo in S.I.O. sponsors website page.

  • Company’s logo on S.I.O. T-shirt and sponsor banner (taken to all events).



  • All benefits of Megabyte level.

  • Company's own page on our website with description of the company, link to company’ website, and contact information.

  • Company’s logo on all S.I.O. promotional materials, including S.I.O. flyers and event banner.



  • All benefits from Gigabyte level. Special honor mention during the events.

  • A separate table section for company’s own promotional materials at S.I.O and outreach events.

  • *Non-monetary Alternative Sponsorship option available - see below.

*Non-monetary Sponsorship:

Sponsor supplies: Printout promotional materials, office supplies, food, drinks
Sponsor resources: Send employees to be our guest speakers or volunteers at S.I.O. events. Partnering with us to develop new STEM programs using company’s resources.


Why Sponsor S.I.O.?


Expand your reach!

By sponsoring STEM Inspiration Organization, you can promote the education and future success of the next generation of individuals who are interested in STEM fields. Your brand will be represented through our platform and gain exposure among many targeted audiences including many families, students, and educational institutions throughout the Boston Metrowest Area.

Help us unfold the future!

S.I.O is an expanding non-profit organization whose mission is to promote STEM careers among high school students in the Greater Boston Area. Recently, new fields and technologies have begun to develop the minds of students who may be interested in STEM fields. Our non-profit organization gives students an edge over their peers and gives them connections to educators and professional materials and experiences. By aiding S.I.O, your brand will reach a wider demographic and get your company’s name out in many local communities. STEM ideas are emerging in all aspects of our daily life; therefore, at S.I.O, you’ll motivate emerging intellectuals to take part in that mission.