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S.I.O. Ambassador Program


STEM Inspiration Organization Background:

STEM Inspiration Organization is a non-profit organization joined by high school students in the Greater-Boston Area. Our mission is to enlighten the minds of youth to the many opportunities that the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) field has to offer. We hope to help students with all backgrounds in the community to discover their STEM passion and potential. To achieve this, we host events that we invite speakers who are well-versed in the STEM field to come and talk. We also spark students' interests in the STEM field by supporting them through the interview program to connect them with professionals in those fields. Participants gain valuable experience by interacting with experts in a variety of areas.

S.I.O. Ambassadors’ mission:

The S.I.O. ambassador program reaches out to students who are interested in the STEM/Business fields and want to live out an impact.​

  • STEM Division: An opportunity to showcase student’s leadership and explore entrepreneurship in the real world!

    • The STEM Division serves as an unparalleled platform for students to explore their ideas and turn problems into solutions. For example, a student interested in exploring science communication can organize a workshop to gain a deeper understanding of the topic and support other passionate young minds in the region. S.I.O. ambassadors will become the leaders in their own projects and organize different events/programs. With the full support from S.I.O. team and access to S.I.O. resources, students aim to improve the communities around them.

  • Business Division: A window to oversee professional management and exposure to early business skills.

    • The Business Division has no pre-existing STEM background requirement for students. Participants will cooperate with the STEM division to work on non-profit sponsorship, event marketing, and community outreach. Excellent members with strong backgrounds and outstanding performance will be selected to a business internship at Elysia Media, one of the fast emerging marketing company in the Boston Area, and receive dual memberships from both groups.​

Ambassador’s Duty:

  • STEM Division:

    • Design new events/programs to engage the STEM awareness within the communities

    • Explore current STEM research and connect with professionals to introduce these topics

    • Researching local STEM resources and incoming STEM-related events

    • Design Graphic contents for team flyers

  • Business Division:

    • Organize social media campaign and email marketing to advertise new events/programs.

    • Creating partnerships between S.I.O. and other organizations.

    • Social Media Management and secure new sponsorship

    • Participate in community outreach events, such as town fair


Past students in the S.I.O. ambassador program has achieved the following outcomes:

  • The opportunities and experiences to develop skills such as:

    • Leadership and Teamwork skills

    • Networking

    • Confidence and public speaking skills

    • Excellent organization and Planning skills

  • Incentives:

    • Community service hours and volunteer experience

    • Connection with experts in STEM fields

    • Resume building opportunities

General requirements:

Students applying for ambassador program must meet certain eligibility requirements. If you are interested but do not qualify some of the conditions, in certain extenuating circumstances, exceptions can be made. Please contact us if this is the case. Requirements are listed below:

  • Current high-schooler in Greater-Boston area

  • Be able to commit time to attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings and work on weekly tasks

  • Effectively work as a team and passionate about advances in STEM

  • Be able to participate in our outreach events or programs

  • Self-motivated and driven to explore their own interests and improve the community

Application Process:

The S.I.O. the ambassador program is open to anyone who is a high school student in the Greater-Boston Area. The admission is rolling decision. Applicants will expect to receive an online interview during the application process.