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A Collaborative & Diverse Group

Our people are at the core of what makes the STEM Inspiration Organization such a unique and fulfilling place to work. We’re proud of the diversity of our staff, with each member contributing their unique skills to the programs we’re working on.



Jack X. Li

Founder and President

A member of the Cornell Engineering class of 2023, Jack has a passion for all things STEM. He has taken engineering coursework at Brown University and Harvard University in computer science and nanotechnology. He is also currently dual enrolled at Boston University and Stanford OHSx, studying Organic Chemistry. Additionally, Jack was a member of Newton’s award-winning FIRST robotics team, Ligerbots, leading outreach events and organizing sponsorships. He hopes to inspire future scientists and increase STEM awareness in the community.


Science Advisor

A HECA and CRLA member, Alex graduated with honors from Williams College in biology, chemistry and biochemistry. She pursued graduate studies at Harvard and was a researcher at Yale’s Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine, focusing on infectious diseases. Building on her academic and scientific experience, Alex found a new passion for training and preparing the next generation of scientists and turned her skills and knowledge toward teaching and educational/college consulting, specializing in mentoring those hoping to pursue STEM degrees.

Altea P. Thompson

Chief Operating officer

As a new student at Concord Academy, Altea had taken part in various STEM-related opportunities, and has also engaged in her school’s accelerated math track. She has furthermore taken part in Concord Academy’s Model UN club which has enhanced her ability to write, negotiate, and more generally, communicate. In the future, Altea hopes to pursue her interest in STEM and to participate in events that will make this aspiration a reality. She also has the ultimate ambition to get more females interested in STEM subjects.

Rebecca A. Bojar

Chief Marketing Officer

As a current Junior at Newton South High School, Rebecca actively participates in opportunities dedicated to her passions. She is a member of entrepreneurship and marketing clubs, DECA and FBLA, and works with medical records to gain experience in the medical fields. Rebecca is a state qualifier in preparing marketing plans. She is also taking honors math, science, and computer science courses and has received high honor roll in the past semesters. She wishes to share her ambition with students, especially girls, interested in pursuing STEM and open a pathway to resources and programs.


Aditi Mannem

Past Ambassador

Aditi is currently a sophomore at Lexington High School and hopes to increase exposure of STEM to students. She is a straight-A student who has taken all honors classes and AP Biology and loves to take on new challenges. She enjoys playing tennis, doing Kuchipudi, an Indian classical dance, and has participated in the Massachusetts Science Fair. She adores helping children by volunteering at the Youth Exploration in Science, teaching at the debate club, and organizing a public speaking club. She looks forward to meeting new people and spreading STEM awareness as an S.I.O. ambassador.

Reethika Digumarthy

Current Ambassador

Reethika is a Junior at the Winsor School. She has taken honors level classes and will be conducting an independent research project at her school. Reethika has attended the Boston Leadership Institute program which focused on genetics and clinical trials. She has also interned at the Walsh Lab of the Boston Children’s Hospital to learn more about genetics research. Additionally, she loves to debate, learn Indian classical dance, and be a part of Winsor’s FTC robotics team, the Winsor Wildbots. As an S.I.O. Ambassador, she hopes to connect students interested in the STEM with instructional and engaging opportunities to pursue their interests.


Current Ambassador

For the past three years at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional, Talia, a Junior, has participated in many STEM activities and classes. This year she is taking her school’s only CS AP class, AP Computer Science Principles, in addition to multiple honor level classes, including chemistry and philosophy. Additionally, she helps run her school’s high school quiz bowl team and is the administrative captain and electrical sub-team leader for her school’s FRC robotics team. Highly interested in environmental engineering, she hopes to use her platform as an S.I.O. ambassador to rehelp introduce other girls to STEM.

Joy He

Current Ambassador

Joy is currently a sophomore at Belmont High School. She excels in all subjects at school but has a special passion for STEM subjects. This year, she is taking AP Physics and Honors Chemistry as well as Honors Pre-Calculus. In the summer, she is planning on doing research to pursue her interest in electrical and computer engineering. She is excited to be an S.I.O ambassador to make STEM resources more accessible to people at school and to meet new people with the same interests.


Past Ambassador

As a current Junior at Corwin Russell, Alex is looking to raise STEM awareness around the school. He volunteers at Community Boating, helping children and teenagers learn the ropes of sailing. Additionally, he helps out at the Weeks House in Newton, serving food and catering to those in need. He hopes to pursue activities involving mathematics and is excited about sparking the interest of young minds.


Past Ambassador

Being a junior at Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall High School, Gabriel is interested in pursuing a Computer Science degree in college and is currently studying AP mathematics to prepare himself. He has the passion for studying and scripting in various coding languages. He also received CH-CH honor roll in 2017. Gabriel aspires to work in game development and loves to share his creations with others. He is excited to be a part of S.I.O. and connect others with amazing STEM opportunities!

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